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How will a DUI affect my CPA License?

In Helpful DUI Information, Professional Licensing on October 10, 2010 at 10:17 am

Q: How will my Laguna Beach DUI w CPA license in California?

I passed the California CPA exam in 2009 and started to work in CPA firm since Jan 2010. Few months ago, I got caught because of Laguna Beach drinking and driving charge.

Last week, the court reduced the charge from Laguna Beach DUI to a Wet Reckless. Will the California board of accountancy deny my CPA license application? Does anyone know anybody who still get CPA license with DUI or wet reckless in the California?

A: Laguna Beach  wet reckless and a DUI are treated like the same type of crime when it comes to administrative licensing such as CPA licenses.

For your accounting license, they care about “crimes of moral turpitude” or habitual drunk driving offenses. Merely one Laguna Beach DUI conviction will likely not result in a denial of your CPA license, but you must be truthful on your application or it could be denied for failure to disclose.

If you’ve already submitted your application, I’d notify them of your conviction. License where Laguna Beach  DUIs can become a problem is anywhere in the medical industry, anything with security clearance, pilots, truck driving, some child-care related industries. Habitual Drug and/or alcohol related offenses can become a problem for any license including attorney, real estate, CPA, insurance, etc.

If you have further questions regarding how a Laguna Beach  DUI can affect your administrative license or would like more helpful information regarding the consequences of your Laguna Beach DUI arrest, call 877-717-2889 to speak to an experienced Laguna Beach DUI attorney for a free consultation.