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I failed to enroll in my 9 month DUI Alcohol Program, Now what?

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Q: It’s been over a year and I have not enrolled in Newport Beach DUI class yet..(CA)?

I was convicted of a Newport Beach DUI in April 2009 in California and they told me I had to complete a 9 month alcohol program. I figured that I wouldn’t need to take the program until I was ready to get my license back. Is this the case? Or is there a time period where I have to enroll/complete the class with in? I have not been sent any notices besides the bill for the fine I pay every month.

I’m planning to call a Newport Beach DUI lawyer first thing Monday morning but wanted some input in the mean time..

Additional Details

Yes I realize I won’t get my license back until I finish the class, but will I get in trouble for having not enrolled in it yet?

A:  You need to speak to a Newport Beach DUI attorney about a your possible Probation Violation and Warrant.

I just resubmitted my answer below. I also answered your other question. 

As far as enrolling, it is actually against the law for the alcohol program to allow you to enroll if you have a probation violation and/or warrant. That said, you may find a program that will allow you to enroll so long as they don’t figure out there’s a problem, but they’ll likely ask to see your court paperwork.

Depending on what court your case is out of, the court is hit or miss on sending out probation violation paperwork Or if you’re only suppose to show proof of completion, maybe the date hasn’t hit yet.

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In California,

Most court’s probation orders allow 21 days to enroll into your alcohol program. Failure to enroll and show proof to the court generally results in a probation violation and thus a warrant.

Some courts do not require an enrollment time, but instead require a proof of completion deadline, usually 10-11 months out from the date of conviction.

Whether you missed your proof of enrollment or are about to miss your proof of completion date, either way you’re too late because obviously you haven’t completed your alcohol program.

Depending what court, some judges will take you into custody (that means put you in jail) for failure to enroll in your alcohol program. — If you doubt me, remember Lindsey Lohan and the fact she missed a class? – – Well, never enrolling is much worse for some courts.

Your situation is a prime example how a simple DUI can snow-ball into an offense that may require jail time due to an individuals failure to understand what is required of them coupled with the courts refusal to inform individuals what exactly they have to do when it comes to their case.

You have 2 options. (1) Go to court and appear on your probation violation and hope you don’t get taken to jail. (2) Hire an attorney to go to court on your behalf to recall the warrant and get you reinstated in to your alcohol program.

Chances of going to jail??? It matters what court you’re in. There’s one court in my area, where I can almost promise you that if you go in and try it alone, you’ll be spending the next 2 weeks in jail. The judges simply don’t have any tolerance for this time of mistake, while other courts in my area could care less.

It’s truly hit or miss.

Lastly, Failure to enroll into your alcohol school by a specific time begins a chain reaction that results in your license being suspended until proof of completion of the alcohol is obtained. That means another possible 9 months of suspension.

More or less, you’ve got a mess on your hands.

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