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Consequences of a Third DUI Conviction in California

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In California how much jail time would you get for your 3rd DUI considering…?

you never did anything about your previous 2 DUI’s. My friend just got his 3rd DUI and he never went to his classes or court for his first 2. So basically he had bench warrants for his first 2 when he got caught and received his 3rd just last week. He’s now in jail and I’m just wondering how much time he will serve. His first 2 were within a month time frame and this 3rd one just happened 1 year later. For some reason he’s under the impression he might get out ASAP and report back on weekends only but this doesn’t sound realistic to me.

In California,
General Consequences are as follows:

Consequences of a Third DUI in the State of California


  • *Required Jail for 3rd DUI: 120 Days to 1 Year
  • * Fines $2,500 +
  • * License Suspension: 3 Years to 10 years
  • * Ignition Interlock Required
  • * 18 Month Multiple Offender Alcohol Program
  • * 3-5 Years Probation, Formal or Informal
  • * MADD Panel*
  • * DUI Court*
  • * Morgue Program*
  • * Community Service*
  • *Depending on Jurisdiction

The amount of jail time he’s looking at depends on the circumstances surrounding his 3rd offense DUI as well as his priors. Jail time can depend on the follow facts
What court he’s out of
What judge he’s before
What his BAC was on his prior DUIs
What his BAC was on his current DUI
Was there an accident.

For instance, if he has a 3rd DUI in Los Anglees, he could be released rather quickly. The jails are totally over-populated and they routinely let individuals which must more serious offenses out in nearly no time at all.

If he’s in Orange County Jail and they know about his priors, he could be there for months if not a year, especially considering the probation violations.

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