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Q: My friend is being charged as an adult for a Newport Beach DUI and hit and run. Advice on how to be prepared for Newport Beach court?

How should we prepare for court?

A:  Speak to an Attorney Immediately.

Hit and Run is a charge that usually requires jail time if convicted. However, in California, a “civil compromise” can sometimes be worked out. If the compromise is achieved, the Hit and Run charges are dismissed and the individual usually no longer is looking at jail time.

Prepare for court?? Speak to a qualified lawyer who has experience with DUI and Hit and Run cases from your jurisdiction. He or she will inform you at what possible consequences he or she is facing due to the DUI and Hit and Run charges as well as what can be done to prevent them.

Even if you can’t afford an attorney, you’ll have a better understanding of what CAN be done in his case and you may qualify for public defender whom you can ask to provide the same services.

If the arrest occurred in California and you would like to speak to an experienced DUI attorney about the consequences of your Hit and Run charge as well as the consequences of your DUI, call 877-717-2889 to speak to an experienced DUI attorney. I am available after hours and on weekends.

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